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Cooking & Sharing: A Love of Turkish Food

Good food tastes good whether you eat alone or with friends but cooking, and more so food has the power to bring people together, something I'm forever grateful for. 

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Purple Basil CoolerReyhan Şerbeti

Serve ice cold on a hot summers day and its unique spicy-sweet flavour will pack a refreshing punch that'll have you revitalised and ready to go. Basil may seem like a strange idea for a cold drink but it's surprisingly addictive and its ever-changing purple tones are rather eye-catching. 

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Turkish Store-cupboard Cooking: Free Recipe Book

As many of us are trying to avoid unnecessary trips to markets we're turning to store-cupboard friendly recipes I've put together a mini cookbook featuring some of my favourite recipes that use only pantry ingredients, Within it you'll find 15 recipes using only store-cupboard ingredients.

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  • Turkish Meatballs With Baharat Mix" data-mosaic-order-date="2020-12-08 15:15:22">
    A wonderful crowdpleaser. These tender, juicy meatballs are bursting with Turkish Mediterranean flavours. Served hot in pitta parcels with vibrant sumac jewelled red onions and fresh greens, topped with creamy yoghurt sauce these meatballs bring the taste of the Turkish kebab-house home.
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  • Sinkonta" data-mosaic-order-date="2020-11-17 15:56:54">
    A carnival of Aegean flavours. Pumpkin (or butternut squash) with onions, garlic and sesame roasted in a fiery sauce of tomato paste, pepper, mint and honey. A flavoursome main but just as fabulous as part of a meze spread.
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  • Ali Nazik Kebabı" data-mosaic-order-date="2020-10-21 11:05:13">
    Small tender pieces of meat slow-cooked with onions and peppers served with chargrilled aubergine puree blended into thick garlic-infused Turkish yoghurt. This dish is perfect for the slow cooker on high with option of dry browning meat first, or low slow hob but is even better cooked in a clay pot on a low low fire if possible.
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  • Tavuk Suyu Çorbası" data-mosaic-order-date="2020-01-21 19:02:48">
    Chicken soup for the Turkish soul - Using pre-cooked shredded chicken and stock with the addition of cold-fighting benefits of yoghurt, lemon and egg. A typical 'lokanta' style recipe with a 'Terbiyeli' - with dressing finish. 
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  • Etli Kapuska " data-mosaic-order-date="2019-02-19 22:44:34">
    A comforting combination of meat and greens to defy any preconceptions or negative memories you have of school time cabbage dishes. Slow-cooked meat in a rich slightly spiced red pepper sauce with a gently braised shredded white cabbage. Full of flavour that surprises even the most vehement of cabbage haters.  
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  • Ezogelin Çorbası" data-mosaic-order-date="2018-12-03 22:44:34">
    A hearty, red lentil-based soup full of dried pepper and mint flavours. A rich tomato background peppered with pieces of rice and bulgar makes this classic Turkish soup the perfect starter to kebab based feasts or as a stand-alone lunch rich in both flavour and history. 
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  • A rich, comforting porridge-like dessert full of a variety of beans and pulses with tones of Mahlep, cinnamon and cloves and a zesty kick brought together in (an optional) saffron-infused milk. The traditional dessert does require a little preparation in advance and some tender care during the making but is well worth the effort. Often made in bulk and shared
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  • Biber Şalçası" data-mosaic-order-date="2020-08-15 12:45:32">
    A fundamental part of southern Turkish cooking - this method takes vibrant in-season pepper that has been gently cooked and blended into liquid before sun-drying into a thick paste that is used in many Anatolian dishes. The paste requires plenty of babysitting so needs to be done when time can be spent on it but it well worth time and money.
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  • Kabak Mücver" data-mosaic-order-date="2018-07-26 14:10:17">
    These fritters are all about that delicate courgette flavour and use little other ingredients. Seasoned with a little fresh parsley, spring onions with hints of paprika and lemon zest. Can be eaten warm of cool with garlic yoghurt. 
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  • Hatay Style Inspired Döner" data-mosaic-order-date="2018-07-26 14:10:17">
    Fully loaded, citrusy and spicy. This easy to make marinated and oven cooked chicken doner kebab is packed with Hatay Style flavours. A perfect dish for sharing the taste of Turkish holidays at home. 
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