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Its been about two months since we made it back home to Turkey after all the flight bans and difficulties. And so I'm slowly getting back in the routine of home life, cooking, taking care of the new chicks, recipe testing and blogging. I say slowly because the heat has hit me like a ton of bricks this year: I dont know if it's the fact that we didn't have the gentle build-up from winter through spring or if it's just an extra hot early summer (I think I might actually say this every year though)



I've enjoyed getting back to the farmer market, and I'm thrilled to be cooking in my own kitchen again. We love so many summer recipes like:

Baked Turkish Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Aegean Gypsy SaladBraised aubergines with garlic

Refreshing Apricot Dessert

Purple Basil Drink


We have 25 growing chicks, most of which are blue egg layers (hopefully most will be hens - we see possibly a handful of roosters, although it's still a little early for our untrained eyes, to be sure!), and that certainly keeping us on our toes. We started with 32, but sadly, as to be expected, not all have made it. They're about eight weeks old now and absolute fun to sit and watch.

Small black ameraucana chick in Christa Eker's Hand.


I've plans to tidy up some of my old recipes posts and get them organised better with shortcuts into each of the sections. (I'm self-teaching myself all the techy stuff, so please bear with me and holler at me if you think you'd like to see any particular ingredients or dishes featured. Hopefully, too, I'll have some new recipes coming out very soon. I'm finding getting back into the recipe testing part the hardest to balance because our estate agency business has been rather busy at the moment; the Aegean property market hasn't slowed down as much as you might have expected, and so I have to lend a hand online. It's made me appreciate how balanced life was before getting stuck in the UK; fingers crossed for getting my organised head back soon!



In the meantime, I'd love to hear if you've cooked anything from the website recently; no scrap that, I want to be inspired, so let me hear all the Turkish delights you've been up to in the kitchen.

Are there any ingredients you seem to be stuck with after the weekly market that you'd love some recipes for?

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I've got so many aubergines cravings I can't decide which dish to cook first!

Until then, here's a taster of some of the dishes on the site for summer produce here in Turkey.


“tray of izmir or smyrna meatballs. Turkish meatballs in Tomato sauce
Bowls of Ayın salad with or. Gypsey salad.
Turkish vegeterian stuffed peppers in a large tray.



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