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There was a chill in the air last night, enough to warrant a light blanket and the bedspread. It happens like that, discarded for months and then suddenly within a day there's a need to dig out more bedding. 


I woke with a shudder when my toddler called out in the night, he too felt it and after covering him, I went back to sleep under the comfort of weight; something impossible to bare during the last few months but still very much missed. 

I like the summer, in most part at least, but I tire from it easily and this lengthened summer even if it did get off to a slow start really took its toll.




This morning through, well it's just heavenly, there's respite in the air and equal measures of chilly wind against the warming envelope of full sun. The skin alternates between rays of warmth that penetrates the body and waves of a crisp 'Yıldiz' northern-star wind that pushes the heat away, this to me is perfection. Maybe it's the bipolar in me whose always searching for more balance, of course, this time of year you never know if summer really has finished of it's just giving you a day or two to sojourn in more pleasant conditions. Tomorrow may hold some of the same mixed joy, it may be stifling once again or you may wake up to much lower temperatures and rain and that was that's the hot season done for the year.


On the Aegean coast where I'm based summers tend to hold court well into September and can even rule much of October. November is usually the month of grayscale days the sun lingering briefly but it's full strength forgotten.  

We never seem to get much chance to enjoy the changing of the colours here, there are some changes to trees and there can be a distinct change to the landscape of the garden but it can sometimes seem instantaneous.  

What we do lack in leaves and tree-lined streets is made up for in the market place: Pumpkins, Jerusalem artichokes, and citruses popping up amongst pear and cabbage lend for the colours to rival even the most autumnal of painted scenes. 


As the cooler months progress other hues join the market scene, quinces, persimmons, bananas, leeks, celeriac and turnips of rainbow proportions all lend for comforting, hearty dishes to warm the soul and nourish the body. 

Pumpkin is probably the vegetable I'm most excited for. I'm looking forward to working on a Sinkonta recipe; pumpkin roasted with onions and tomatoes, a dish I discovered via Rick Stein. 


Rick Stein's Baked Pumpkin - Sinkonta


Cabbage is up there too, sarma parcels and kapuska: something about braised white cabbage and lamb gets me excited for jumpers and socks!


Fruit wise mandarines on the hit list for this month, bol bol vitamin C seems like a must this year as we link back round to the dreaded grip of cold and flu season. We purchased a handful from the roadside market in our local village Akyeniköy this week but I was too eager, I knew it as a handed over the cash for the eyewatering price tag, the flesh is a little tough, wonderfully tart, but not giving that juicy hit I love so much.




The last of the summer produce is always fabulous for pickling so I can't wait to get to the weekend market armed with my strong shopping bags. Granted I may be a tad late, illness has had me out of the kitchen for weeks so the pantry or 'kiler' in Turkish is looking a little blander than this month on previous years.


So instead of good eating, recipe sharing and photography I've been enjoying catching up with reading and dreaming up some stories, a little bit of writing got me through but I'm eager now to get it back into the things I love doing.


I recently wrote in The Ege Eye about my favourite rainy end of summer come autumn dish. Gözleme during the cooler months is something that soothes my soul, comforts me during stormy weather and just screams rain; Something I pine for even more than the produce that grows in the autumn months. We had a teaser of the weather to come the other day: a sort but soothing few minutes of downpour and I'm eager for more.


Blog banner. Picture of an autumn market scene. Text overlay reads: Seasonal Eating In Turkey. A Warm Welcome To Autumn

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