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Long ago, there was a sultan who ruled in the name of religion and law.

This certain sultan was surrounded by many advisors, but there was one particular vizier who never left the mans side.

As a respected and aged vizier, he was often the first person the sultan would turn to for counsel.

The vizier was a pragmatic man who delivered his guidance always in a calm manner and lacked any signs of agitation. 

The Viziers Fingers Story and recipe

Having conversed extensively with this wise sage, the sultan noticed that whenever mishaps and catastrophes befell on the sultan or his land of rule the vizier gave the same judgement;
'Everything happens with good reason.'

Over time this recurrent commentary of this once favoured advisor began to cause irritation to the young and easily disturbed ruler.

One day the sultan called a hunt, and during the ride, the vizier fell.

Seeing how the aged man had landed, the sultan saw that he was just a fragile old man and rode by to aide him.

As the sultan approached, the vizier jumped up as quick as a flash onto his horse, and his sword caught the hand of the passing sultan slicing his finger in two.

Many of the sultan's cavalcade gathered around and stood before them; upon noticing their master's missing finger, they remained still and silent.

The sultan enraged with pain began to shout. The vizier considered the situation carefully before he turned to the sultan and said, 'My lord, Everything happens with good reason.'

The sultan became furious and spoke terrible words towards the aged pasha before demanding his immediate arrest.


The vizier, stripped of his royal robes, was sent to the palace dungeons to await the ruler's orders.

In his usual state of calm, he waited out his days as the sultan deliberated on the fate and punishment of his once most favoured advisor.

One day just as a new day broke the sultan called a hunt.

Wishing not to remember the previous incident, the sultan and his men rode far beyond the palace grounds and came upon a dark forest.

As they entered the dense cover of the forest, the cavalcade was attacked by a tribe of cannibals.

As his men were overcome by the tribe, a fierce-looking man approached the sultan and asked him if he was injured.

The sultan bent double silently held up his hand, and the man eyed his finger sulkily before turning and taking away both his horses and men.

Stories Behind Ottoman DishesThe sultan shedding tears of relief resolved to return to his palace.

Eventually, it became clear to him that his ailment had prevented him from being dragged away by the cannibal tribe.

Given that he was exhausted from walking back alone and still injured the sultan arrived at the palace gates and fell to the ground with a crash.

As he cried and moaned in anguish, the gatekeepers gathered around him, and several physicians were called for.

The sultan refused to pay heed and ordered his officers to fetch the vizier from his cell.

The soldiers rushed immediately away and returned, bringing the prisoner in handcuffs to the council chamber.



Moved by sorrow and to the cries of a shocked council, the sultan lurched towards the vizier and kissed his hands: demanding his forgiveness for holding him in a prison cell.

The vizier objected the sultan's pleas:
'My lord, you were placed in an impossible situation. I am well-rested. Everything happens for a good reason'.

The sultan was shocked by the response, so the vizier said to him:

'My lord,
what do you prove to be wrong?
I cut off your finger, and you cast me away.
Your decision for me brought me the gift of life.
You tell me that there's no one but you who survived the attack- had I to been by your side I would also have been lost'.

And with this, the sultan called a grand celebration: some sherbet and a special concoction of foods in honour of the esteemed and sage pasha.

And as he ate with merriment, he learnt to say.
'Everything happens with good reason'.


Vezir Parmağı - The Vizier's Fingers: Almond & Orange Flavoured Sweet Bites Recipe

A flour-based, semolina crusted, baked sweet with almond and orange notes. Said to be named after the Ottoman grand vizier who saved a sultans life by accidentally wounding him. 


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Recipe For Turkish Ottoman Dessert Vezir Parmagı


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