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Turkish Sweetcorn, Typical street food, tasty treats just as easily made at home.

When it comes to eating corn, nothing beats that first bite of in-season corn on the cob. Hands full with the weighty treat, that telltale crunch as your teeth cut through each of the golden nuggets to gain the sweet, creamy nectar.

Maybe you favour the traditional Turkish method of boiled corn, perfectly balanced salty-sweet treats cooked with a little milk which makes for a rich moreish snack

Or do you run from afar when your eager nose picks up the scent of the smoky flavour of charred corn grilling over hot coals perfectly in a way only a seasoned vendor can manage to repeat time after time?

Maybe tearing into a cob like a nesting beaver isn't your cup of tea, so you favour cups of individual goldern kernels. Piping hot, tempting you for the first tongue blisteringly hot mouthful with it steamy tender aroma.


Turkish Sweetcorn, Typical street food, tasty treats just as easily made at home. 

Branded stalls with their year-round offerings may be popping up as fast as the shopping malls that host them, but nothing quite says summer street food, like the smell of freshly picked corn from independent stands.

Little carts with trailing corn scented vapours can be found all over the country once the stifling sun goes down and the locals come out to wander and breathe in the refreshing evening air.

Some are wheeled around as the vendor brings his snacks to parks, coffee shops and through the residential streets, others sit permanently in fixed locations. The seller bellows across the street that his hot 'tap taze' corns are super fresh and ready for empty bellies and full wallets.

To the melodic shouts, playing children are willing to momentarily stop running around the dwindling greenery of urban areas, and families will sit together newly acquired shopping bags at their feet to relax, eat and laugh together.

Should you suddenly have a hankering for corn, the nearest seller can usually be found by much like Dorothy and friends following the yellow brick road left by dropped kernels and the occasional littering of paper cups.




Type of corn traditional sold as Turkish street food

Közlenmış mısır - Chargrilled Corn Turkish Street Food: Sweetcorn


Corn on the cob, barbecued or grilled over hot cools often served with a good slab of butter and salt.

Süt mısır - Milk corn

Cobs gently poached in water and milk with salt, sugar and butter. 

Bardakta mısır - Sweetcorn in Cups

Cooked kernels served in a cup accompanied by lashings of pomegranate molasses and seasonings.

(Read More On Nar Ekşisi 'Sos' - Pomegranate Molasses here)




Of course, with summer well in swing corn doesn't need to be kept as food to indulge on only outside of the house. As the temperatures rise, so do the towers of corns at the pazar, freshly picked still in the green husks just waiting to be brought home and cooked to your liking.


Just as tasty if not more so, probably much healthier and surprisingly easy to make sweetcorn makes an inexpensive, delicious addition to a bbq and a delightful snack for unexpected extra guests.





Süt Mısır - Turkish Street Style Corn On The Cob Recipe 

Bardakta Mısır - Turkish Street Style Sweetcorn Cups Recipe



Turkish Style Corn On The Cob Cooked In Milk
Turkish Style Sweetcorn With Pomegranate




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