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Turkey rejoices in marking the day and often the week since the Ottomans declared all of the five holy nights as Kandils (Nights marked by the decorative candle lighting of the minarets of mosques).

Throughout Turkey, Mosques will offer a dedicated sermon and host events offering the remembrance of the Prophet’s life and prophethood.

 Many individuals will offer a full night of prayer and reading of the holy book and most importantly offer some form of charity. Alongside this families will often come together to enjoy a meal and eat sweet treats.

Kandil Simit

Often little parcels of savoury biscuits called Kandil simidi are prepared or bought and handed out to neighbours or nearby business. Most tables will also include İrmik helvası a semolina-based sweet helva with is shaped and served with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon.

Irmik helvası is a really easy dessert to prepare provided you get all your ingredients together before beginning to cook on the stovetop. I like to use spice-infused milk in my preparation along with a packet of vanilla flavour infused sugar. Irmik Tatlısı - Semolina Dessert Recipe 







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