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Turkish Cuisine With Timeless Recipes - Emine Erdoğan Rolls Out Cookbook

Emine Erdogan, First lady of Turkey and supporter of social projects including 'I Protect My Future' (Geleceğimi Koruyorun) and the 'Zero Waste' Project (Sıfır Atık), spoke this week regarding the upcoming publication of a Turkish cuisine cookbook.

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Announced late 2020 titled 'Turkish Cuisine With Timeless Recipes' (Turkish title Asırlık Tariflerle Türk Mutfağı) will be a gastronomy book that aims to promote the cuisine of Turkey both at home and internationally with particular attention paid to the healthy and waste-free characteristics of Turkish cooking.



Mrs Erdoğan has overseen the project prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and supported by the Turkish Tourism and Promotion Development Agency, which will feature recipes from Chefs such as:
Ali Ronay, Arda Turkmen, Aydın Demir, Cüneyt Asan, Eyüp Kemal Joy, Fatih Tutak, Hayat Akkor, Savaş Aydemir, Sezai Erdogan, Sinem Özler, Şemsa Denizsel, Şerife Aksoy, Yilmaz Öztürk and Zeki Açgöz.

Containing over 200 recipes, the book will offer centuries-old, nationwide, and regional dishes and include alternative dietary recipes such as vegetarian and gluten-free; writing on Turkish food culture and history, the ecological and sustainable characteristics of the cuisine; and features on healthy storage and cooking techniques.



Experts and academics such as Prof. Dr Mehmet Öz, Prof. Dr Arif Bilgin, Prof. Dr Günay Kut, Dr Özge Samancı and Dr Gonul Paksoy, under the coordination of Ebru Erke of Food and Travel magazine, have guided the preparation of the work.

In the presentation of the gastronomy book, the First lady described the importance of the culinary culture to the nation, from marking of celebrations, the strong use of proverbs and the strength of home, family and friendship ties. Mrs Erdoğan explained that the publication aims to be a record of original recipes of a rich, centuries-old cuisine, an opportunity to pass them on to future generations and become a new bridge in the field of cultural diplomacy.

The cookbook is due for sale during October 2021 and will be translated into many languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic.


Placing 'Turkish Cuisine With Timeless Recipes' on my Turkish Cookbook wish list:


Ever since the press release of this publication a year ago, I've been eagerly awaiting news of its release.
Turkey is a rich, diverse cuisine, and its gastro tourism is increasing. I'm forever discovering that there is so much more to learn within traditional Turkish cuisine, not just forgotten recipes and dishes but regional variations and techniques for preserving, economising and getting the best out of fresh, local and in-season eating.

Some outstanding books have been published on Traditional Turkish recipes and it's food history. However, if they are in English, they often come with a hefty price tag or are no longer in print. There are also a couple of Turkish foods on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Still, there is so much more that needs promoting in book form, and it's wonderful to see continued efforts put into making it accessible both locally and afar. So fingers crossed, when the book is realised this coming October, it's with affordable pricing.




Source: Official website: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (T.C.CUMHURBAŞKANLIĞI : Emine Erdoğan, “Asırlık Tariflerle Türk Mutfağı” kitabının tanıtım programına katıldı (tccb.gov.tr) )

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