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If I wrote about every meal I had out you'd get bored pretty easily – not just because I do eat out a couple of times a week but mostly because I find it pretty hard to get excited about the food I do eat out in Altinkum. I don't mean that in an ‘oh there's no good places to eat here' way – there are several but often they come with a hefty bill to pay.

It may not seem expensive to you if your on holiday especially the way the exchange rate has been this year but for those who are either on Turkish incomes or live here on a permanent basis some of the best restaurants around here create quite the hole in your pocket so are best saved for special occasions.

Things get even harder in the winter when a few places shut down or only do half menus. I have a favorite lokanta, a gozlemci and a doner place and frequent them possibly a little to often but even then they can get a little bit boring over and over again.

So when I saw a facebook post for someone mentioning a new kebabcı – that kebab specialist that was good tasting and low cost I knew where my next out the kitchen meal was going to be.

It took me a little while to get there – If you've ever tried to find a location in Turkey you'll know how frustrating the number streets are… hunger must've been getting the better of us though because we realized we'd passed it several times and god knows how it's really lit up. Duh!

So why am I telling you this? Because I've eaten, come home, slept woke up and I'm still thinking about the çig kofte I had as a starter – which was complementary the way!

So much so that I'm actually having a go at making the Meat-free Bulgur patties for myself today!

But anyway am I telling you this – mostly because I arrived very hungry, ate wonderful food and left completely satisfied but also because the owners Barış Bey and wife Tuğba Hanım are so friendly and welcoming!

After a fresh and vibrant salad arrived and we had the ciğ koftes and haydari, I had Adana kebab (Barış bey so sweetly made one spicy and one not so I could share with my son before chuckling because Ali Reis was eating the spicy bulgur meatballs as he said it) we also had chicken şiş but after I had my first bite of the Adana I totally forget to take any more photos.

Also complimentary are teas and kaymaklı kurabiye – clotted cream biscuits. After the meal finished my son played lovely with the owner's son and Tuğba and I started chatting – I also came away with a new biscuit recipe so look out for that soon Inshallah.

Here are the lovely couple – We'll be returning again for some more food and conversation and wish them the best of luck with their venture.

Barış Bey ve Tuğba Hanım Hayırlı Olsun ve Allah iş karşılığı versin.



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