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A journey through, taste, land, customs, and history by means of the Turkish kitchen. - Via Ottoman, Nomadic, Seljuks, Alevi, Kurdish and modern day recipes, homegrown and influenced by immigration and travels.

I invite you to join me as I try to delve into the Turkey’s many foodie delights whilst trying to fathom the many ingredients and produce available here.

I’m not a chef or a nutrition expert I’m a wife and mother who lives in Turkey with a desire to unearth authentic and traditional recipes alongside modern additions and adaptations. I have a love of cooking and the roots of Turkish cuisine and find pleasure in sharing not only food but recipes.

Generation after generation of cooking have passed but the Turkish today still hold their food, recipes and eating habits as almost sacred and the sorfa (The act of preparing, setting and eating at the table) is highly respected.

I hope that you too may enjoy my discoveries and cooking and that you may yourself may be inspired to try something new or find a dish you’ve been searching for since you last ate out / holidayed in Turkey.

I can’t promise that every dish will turnout fabulous and I ask for your forgiveness in any errors or omissions but I can vow that Turkish cuisine is not a hard to tackle as you may think and even though it may take both of us out of our comfort zones I hope we’ll both share many tables and discoveries along the way.

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Christa EKER

Exploring The Turkish Kitchen

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