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Olive Picking In Turkey
Eight years ago I hated olives - this year I've had a go at dry curing my own!!!
As I'm sure everyone who moves here is, I'm proud of all the things I've learnt or had a go at since coming to Turkey. Both in the kitchen and out but this one makes me smile a little extra this week.
Before I moved to Turkey I could not stand the taste, the smell, even the sight of olives and I actually felt embarrassed informing my in-laws this, because I married into a family who is blessed to have enough olive trees to keep us well-stocked in both olive oil and table olives.
But, I once read that if you try something at least ten times you'll begin to like it, so I tried my first, second and third olive shuddering but reminding myself of all their wonderful benefits...
And let me tell you to now 10 should be more like 50!
But I preserved, tolerated and eventually discovered I like some olive varieties much more than others; My favourite being 'sele' or salamura zeytini, dry-cured black olives, however, no one in our family or close to us ever uses that method of olive curing so even though we have lovely olives we've been buying them in for me.
The last couple of years I've missed our olive harvesting because I've been abroad but it's something I enjoy helping with.
This winter there was still a few hanging around on our trees so we took our son for a little harvesting experience (which he adored) and we managed to collect enough for me to have a go at the dry curing method ...... and here it is several jars and a huge proud smile!
Jars of Turkish Olives Dry Cured At Home 

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