SütlaçTurkish Baked Rice Pudding With Honey & Rose

An Ottoman kitchen inspired oven finished rice pudding with rose water and gentle spice infusion sweetened with honey. 

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Vezir ParmağıAlmond & Orange Flavoured Sweet Bites

A flour-based, semolina crusted, baked sweet with almond and orange notes. Said to be named after the Ottoman grand vizier who saved a sultans life by accidentally wounding him. 

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GüllaçMilky Rosewater Pudding

A traditional Ramadan dessert of starch wafers soaked in sweetened milk with rose water and cardamon. A much-loved dish prominent in the holy month of fasting. 

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Exploring The Turkish Kitchen Blog


Some dishes will never win a beauty award...and it's times like this I wish you could engage taste, touch & smell when scrolling.

I've wanted to make this dish since I first saw it in the Ramazan issue of Lokma magazine, a wonderful food magazine here in Turkey but never managed to get round to it - There's just so many wonderful ways to cook aubergine isn't there?!

Then I had a wonderful reminder whilst watching Netflix's new series of  'A chefs table' recently when the wonderful Musa Dağdeviren the founder and head chef of Çiya Sofrası in Istanbul questioned a student about the dish. 

I understand that this is one of those gems that doesn't seem to be popular anymore, classics that seems to have become either unpopular or simple forgotten.

Well, they say good things come to those who wait and how true that it for this dish - A delight is what it turned out to be!

Patlıcan silkme is basically slowly cooked or simmered Aubergines / Eggplants with melting away chopped tomatoes, peppers, and onions. It's flavored with nothing more than minced garlic, salt, and olive oil. And as the olive oil never reaches high temperatures I love that were absorbing all its goodness. Of course, you want to make sure you're using a really good olive oil in wonderful dishes such as this aubergine recipe.

I think I've mentioned before I'm a big fan of aubergine but this dish, well it's just something else. 

It may be unphotogenic but what it lacks in prettiness it makes up for in flavor!

Patlıcan Silkme Recipe

Recipe translated from Portakal Ağıcı'dan 'Lokma' Magazine (May - Ramadhan Issue). Lokma is a wonderful food magazine here in Turkey and is available in all big supermarkets & Bookshops such as D&R.



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