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There are several ways in which you can sign up for the Migros loyalty scheme:

Purchase a card from in-store, this is currently 1.50 TL but some times are given for free.

 Join up online which is always free. 

Text 'KAYIT' to 5818

or add Migros to Whatsapp '530 300 1 300' and message them a 'K'



To complete all the methods you require a Turkish mobile telephone.

If you purchase the card in-store, you'll be given a plastic card to use but will need to register this card with a mobile number within 30 days. If you join up online there will be no physical card to use and you will need to provide your telephone number to the cashier each time you shop, mostly likely this will need to be in Turkish so it's worth jotting down your number on a piece of paper to hand them each time or learn how to say it in Turkish.

To sign you or register your card you need to go to the following link 'https://www.money.com.tr/Index'.


On the left side, you should see this 'Money' box asking if you would like to sign up for the card free of charge.

How To Sign Up To Migros Points Card


Click 'HADİ BAŞLAYALIM' - Let's start.


Mİgros Money Card English Set Up


In the following box you need to enter your Turkish mobile number, omitting the zero it starts with.

Clicking 'GÖNDER' - send and Migros will you send you a six-digit confirmation code.

Enter the six-digit code, click 'DEVAM ET' - Continue and it will take you into your now set up account. 



The first time you enter or if you have taken a card from the store you'll be provided with a form to fill out your details:


Migros sign Up form



Money Club Kart numaranız - ‘Enter the number from the card you were given OR leave bank for the system to allocate you a number’

Adınız* - First Name (compulsory)

Soyadınız* - Surname (compulsory)

Cep Telefonu* - Mobile Number – This is compulsory and if you can give it to the cashier if you do not have the card, however often you need to give the number in Turkish * Drop off the first zero

Eposta - Email address (Not compulsory)

Cinsiyet* - Gender Erkek – Male & Kadın – Female (compulsory) 

Doğum Tarihi* - Date of Birth (compulsory)

İl - Region you live in

Yukarıdaki program koşullarını kabul ve beyan ediyorum  - I accept the terms and want to join

Last option click ‘Evet’ to confirm you have read them.

Press ‘DEVAM’ to continue


You can now use your card to continue to collect points and access offers.

To check your points you can access online from the same link and again click the'HADİ BAŞLAYALIM', you will again receive a text code to confirm it's you when you wish to log in. Or you can download and use the app.

If you use the app you can see your past shopping, special offers, how many points you have accumulated and have available to use.

Migros money cards can be used in Migros, Macrocentre and some PO petrol stations.


You can redeem you accumulated points when offered by the cashier but must have your phone with you, a text code will come to your phone and the cashier will take the number and deduct the money. 



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