SütlaçTurkish Baked Rice Pudding With Honey & Rose

An Ottoman kitchen inspired oven finished rice pudding with rose water and gentle spice infusion sweetened with honey. 

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Vezir ParmağıAlmond & Orange Flavoured Sweet Bites

A flour-based, semolina crusted, baked sweet with almond and orange notes. Said to be named after the Ottoman grand vizier who saved a sultans life by accidentally wounding him. 

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GüllaçMilky Rosewater Pudding

A traditional Ramadan dessert of starch wafers soaked in sweetened milk with rose water and cardamon. A much-loved dish prominent in the holy month of fasting. 

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Exploring The Turkish Kitchen Blog


It not an old item or a hand me down like so many of my favourşte kitchen items, it's a new buy on sale in what used to be Tansaş, like many of the supermarkets here Migros bought it out to add to their monopoly of supermarket stores.

It was purchased in that my first year here, driving out of Akbuk one day with my mother after visiting my husband's workplace. We miss Tansaş, it always had little kitchen bits and bobs and then on the shelf sat this one beautiful teapot.

Is it a ridiculous price for a teapot?

Not if you like it, she replied.

But I hardly drink teabag tea any more?

Use it for English tea; it'll be cute a Turkish design with Tetley in.

And so we bought it.

Living In Turkey And Enjoying Tastes Of Home

A few months later, Migros announced they were closing all the Tansaş stores; everything was reduced off. The Didim branch was quickly clad in all its new branding before I even got a chance to check out all the sell-offs, but one day, I popped in, and there was a matching tea plate.

I brought it home and was so pleased to see that it actually fitted my teapot perfectly, and brought it all together.

It's been used many a time for English tea, rainy days especially, I like the feeling of having a boiling hot full teapot steaming away next to me as I sit next to the open patio doors and watch the rain hammer down on the early summer soil that has started to dry out through the warming days.

Living In Turkey And Enjoying Tastes Of Home

I love the gluttonous joy of drinking the whole pot as the soothing aroma of the freshly dampened soil springs to life and pleasantly wafts through the windows and doors.

Since bringing it home, It's had some near misses, being caught mid-air once or twice but unlike the shop it came from, it's still going strong, always supporting me through the changing weather and through the ups and down's of life in Turkey.

May it remain well used, well loved closeable friend through our lives here.

What little treasures make your house a home?

Living In Turkey And Enjoying Tastes Of Home 

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