SütlaçTurkish Baked Rice Pudding With Honey & Rose

An Ottoman kitchen inspired oven finished rice pudding with rose water and gentle spice infusion sweetened with honey. 

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Vezir ParmağıAlmond & Orange Flavoured Sweet Bites

A flour-based, semolina crusted, baked sweet with almond and orange notes. Said to be named after the Ottoman grand vizier who saved a sultans life by accidentally wounding him. 

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GüllaçMilky Rosewater Pudding

A traditional Ramadan dessert of starch wafers soaked in sweetened milk with rose water and cardamon. A much-loved dish prominent in the holy month of fasting. 

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Exploring The Turkish Kitchen Blog

My Mother in law and I is a perfect example, when we first spent our time together there was an obvious struggle to communicate due to the lack of each others mother tongue.

Very quickly we realized we both had a love for cooking - we spent time in front of cooking programs, we swapped recipes, we cooked for each other and we worked in harmony together side by side in the kitchen. We developed our own sense of communication and in turn, discovered the language of food.

Through this I not only began to learn Turkish but I picked up many recipes and cooking techniques and of course a love of Turkish cuisine.

That in turn, of course, has led to the creation of this blog & website which I hope will give me the opportunity to share much more than just the recipes I come across.

Slow breakfasts catching up with friends, business lunches and dinner parties all feature foods but they are about so much more. It's about the time spent with people, the discussion the debate. The food is an important feature but it's also the excuse to come together.

And so through the sharing of food & recipes, we create the opportunity to serve culture and heritage, to present customs but also to make new friends.

Another sense of kinship I have gained is through a Facebook cooking group. A group that started small with a few ladies sharing recipes and tips but became a community of like-minded people who have varying knowledge and skills but a common desire to help one another in their Turkish cooking.

That community and that desire to share is warming, uplifting and times very comical. Wives of Turks abroad who wish to give there loved one a taste of home, expats who want to understand the baffling ingredients around them and holidaymakers who wish to recreate a favorite taste.

The group - Turkish Wives Masterchef is a welcoming community for ladies who wish to learn more Turkish cooking and/or share their own recipes and tips.
It promotes weekly recipes to encourage and help discover more dishes as well as shared recipes and tips but it's more than that it's about support and fellowship. 
It's about knowing your not the only one who gets homesick for beans on toast and roast dinner, that's a little tired of eating the small sample of Turkish dishes you've picked up and discovered that not everyone knows how to make a borek.

Together we discover new dishes and new friends.

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