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Tender freshly picked in-season corn on the cobs gently poached in water and milk with sugar and butter served warm with salt flakes, and pul biber makes for salty-sweet morish snack or side to enjoy through the hot summer months. 

 Original recipe from July 2019 updated with new photos and text edits August 2021

Sea breeze, sun-drenched skin, sand between the toes, family smiles and the gentle waft of summer food along the beach as the local corn seller pushes his cart across the hot sands.

The beach isn't my favourite way to spend a day out; I'm more of a pool girl, but I dont dislike it, and when I picture it, these are the things I appreciate the most.

Sunbed on sana small childs lays on the sunbed foot is pointing up to the sky.

Corn tastes great in the summer, and when it comes to boiled corns, the beach makes it taste that extra bit special; maybe it's the excess salt that clings to your lips and fingers after you wadded back through the water searching for your beach towel or just carefree eating together as friends and family.



Eating hot corn on the beach is a beautiful way to enjoy this summer street food speciality. Still, if you're a large family or watching the pennies, it can get quite pricy: Each year as summer arrives, we double take when we buy our first Süt mısır of the season as if we're not aware of the price hikes of day to day life here in Turkey.


A beachy inspired scene: 3 cooked sut mısır are wrapped in paper and husk and are placed next to Bozdoğan Madran gazoz. Theres a small salt pot some pebbles and a nautical beach towel


Making it home is an easy task and has not just the benefit of costing a lot less, but sand-free bites are also a great way to look at it.

Be sure to buy your corn during the summer months of Turkey, you can get plastic tasting cobs in the supermarket year-round, but I suggest saving your money for something else and work with the seasons as nothing can beat the taste of in-season corn.


A stack of sweetcorn cobs, half have had part of the husks removed revealing the yellow kernels. They are placed in a wooden crate which sits on a Turkish newspaper on a wood floor.

Look for husks that are smooth with minimum dried areas and no browning parts with light brown silks as the top, there are redder silks available too, but they take a lot more cooking, so if you can find the more golden, the better.

I used to grill or oven cook corn exclusively, but then I discovered this Turkish approach, which has become my go-to method. I love that corn can still have a bit but be tender at the same time and have a juicy, buttery, creamy inside. When I first learnt this method, I used to add salt to the cooking pot, but the lovely ladies of Sofra Sisters Cooking group told me it could make the corns harder, and after trying it and improving the wonderful texture, I was convinced to save the salting for serving (Maldon salt flakes every time).



As soon as we've made it back from the pazar before the fresh fruit and vegetables of a Turkish summer find their place in the fridge, my huge saucepan comes out. I'll be husking those corn ready for cooking because not only is the taste of freshly picked corn so good; there's a tasty reward at the end of packing away all those Turkish market treats.

We still grill corn, sometimes it gets thrown on the bbq, but I also favour the taste of pre poached corn and found it revitalises them wonderfully when we have leftovers. So dont be afraid to cook them all at once; cobs you dont use can be turned into other specialities of Turkish street foods: Sweet corn cups with pomegranate molasses Turkish Street Style Sweetcorn Cups Recipe or grilled either on the BBQ or using a Kozmatik grill attachment on your hob.

Picture of Turkish corn on the cobs grilled using a kozmatik hob plate. A tong sits on the cobs that have scrorched kernals and are a piece of butter and pepper flakes on them



Turkish Milk Boiled Corn on The Cob Süt Mısır

Tender freshly picked in-season corn on the cobs gently poached in water and milk with sugar and butter, served warm with salt flakes and pul biber makes for salty-sweet morish snack or side to enjoy through the hot summer months. 



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Category: Turkish Street Foods
Cuisine Type Turkish


Corn on the cob

4 Large Corn on the cobs
1 Tablespoon Sugar
300 Millilitres Milk (1.5 'Su' Glasses)
1 Heaped Tablespoon Butter
Salt to season

Turkish Milk Boiled Corn on The Cob Süt Mısır Directions

  1. Fill a large saucepan with water and bring to boil.
  2. Whilst the water is coming to a boil, remove the corns from the husks (unless already prepared by the vendor). An easy method to remove is to grab the silks with each hand. Place the base of the corn on your hip or lap and then pull down each side towards the base and therefore dividing in two; with a good grip, all the husks should come away at once along with the silk.
  3. Snap off the stalk if desired, place aside. 
  4. Once boiled, add to the water the milk, sugar and butter and mix. 
  5. Gently place the corns into the saucepan and place the lid on, leaving it ajar with a stopper/spoon. 
  6. Bring the saucepan to a boil for five minutes and then reduce to a simmering boil. 
  7. Cook for around 40 minutes. 
  8. Remove the cobs and serve whole with salt and pul biber or place aside if making Turkish Sweetcorn Cups - Bardakta Mısır

Recipe notes

  • Sweetcorn season is around July, August and September. 


  • Look out for tight green husks for the best-tasting sweetcorn, with soft brown silks protruding from the top. 


  • Ideally, corn should be cooked within a day of purchasing, but if not possible, peel the husks off and bag them for use in a few days.


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