Hot Hummus With Turkish Sausage Sucuklu Humus

Served hot out of the oven this creamy dish with warming, cumin and fenugreek, creamy sesame paste and hot crispy sucuk and crunchy chickpeas served with fresh bread is a great addition to a meze table/starter for several or even as a comforting main for two.



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Category: Mezes & Appetizers Meat 'Et' Beans & Peas
Seasons All
Cuisine Type Turkish


Turkish Hot Hummus

290 Grams Cooked Chickpeas (2 'Su' glasses)
2 Cloves garlic
2 Tablespoons Chickpea Cooking Water
1 Tablespoon Olive oil
2 Tablespoons Tahini
1/2 Teaspoon Cumin
1/4 Teaspoon Fenugreek Powder
1 Pinch black pepper
1 Squeeze lemon juice
200 Grams Butchers sucuk
5 Rocket leaves
1 Tablespoon Pomegranate Molasses 'Nar Ekşisi'

Hot Hummus With Turkish Sausage Sucuklu Humus Directions

  1. Preheat the oven to 180degrees Celcius.
  2. Place in a blender most of the chickpeas (Retaining a few tablespoons worth for topping).
  3. Add to the blender the garlic, tahini, olive oil and chickpea water*.
  4. Pulse or blend for 10 or so seconds.
  5. Add the spices and lemon juice.
  6. Pulse / blend briefly for a chunky texture or longer for a smoother texture.
  7. Spoon the hummus into an ovenproof serving dish using the back of the spoon to smooth and level it out.
  8. Cut the sucuk into thin rounds and place on top of sucuk along with the remaining chickpeas.
  9. Place in the preheated oven and bake for around 15 minutes. When the hummus comes out of the oven sprinkle over the chopped rocket (or alternative greenery) and drizzle on the pomegranate mollases.
  10. Serve with fresh bread as part of a meze spread of meal or as a comforting dinner for 2.

Recipe notes

Retaining a little of the chickpea cooking waterworks for a creamy and smooth hummus packed with flavour but if prefered or you no longer have it simply up the tahini paste and olive oil by one tablespoon extra of each.

All the chickpeas can be used meze if prefer but they offer a cruncy mouthful if left to crisp up in the oven.

If you don't have a blender or prefer a much chunkier hummus use a fork or potato masher to pulverise the chickpeas and combine the spices with the olive oil, lemon juice, chickpea water in a small bowl before combine with the mashed chickpeas.

I recommend using pure pommegranate mollases and not

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