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Cooking & Sharing: A Love of Turkish Food

Good food tastes good whether you eat alone or with friends but cooking, and more so food has the power to bring people together, something I'm forever grateful for. 

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Purple Basil CoolerReyhan Şerbeti

Serve ice cold on a hot summers day and its unique spicy-sweet flavour will pack a refreshing punch that'll have you revitalised and ready to go. Basil may seem like a strange idea for a cold drink but it's surprisingly addictive and its ever-changing purple tones are rather eye-catching. 

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Turkish Store-cupboard Cooking: Free Recipe Book

As many of us are trying to avoid unnecessary trips to markets we're turning to store-cupboard friendly recipes I've put together a mini cookbook featuring some of my favourite recipes that use only pantry ingredients, Within it you'll find 15 recipes using only store-cupboard ingredients.

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Exploring The Turkish Kitchen; Affiliate linking & recommendations.


I hope you are enjoying my website, blog and social media accounts.


My aim is for you to join me on my food journey either by simply reading through or even better - in the kitchen. For this, you'll find alongside my blog articles a collection of recipes and how-to guides. 

These recipes have been lovingly passed or taught to me by my Turkish family and friends, discovered and adapted by myself and from popular and unknown cookbooks. 

Recipes from those cookbooks are tagged as 'Cooking the books' (You can see them all here), some of those recipes and articles/posts around them may come with an affiliate link for the book I'm using.

Others may come with a link for a product that I genuinely love and recommend.

These links should you wish to use them, take you to either The Book depository or site to purchase the book or product at exactly the same cost and service as normal but uses a unique code to identify me as an affiliate Participant. This then provides me with a little commission  - not much, just enough to keep me in Turkish coffee which goes into fueling my writing after putting my little one to bed. This blog is a hobby for me - one that keeps me sane (actually that might be the coffee!) and so I assure you I'll only ever offer you links for products I have used, recommend or have a connected experience too. 

Should you see an item you want to buy you can, therefore, support my hobby by clicking that link and purchasing as normal (the link to me stays active for 24 hours so don't forget to pop back if you wish to buy it at a later date). 

Personally living in Turkey - I favour The Book depository for my book purchases because they have worldwide free delivery and a huge choice of books.

Thank you for taking the time to read my disclosure - to you I raise my coffee cup. 


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