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A journey through, taste, land, customs, and history by means of the Turkish kitchen. - Via Ottoman, Nomadic, Seljuks, Alevi, Kurdish and modern day recipes, homegrown and influenced by immigration and travels.
I invite you to join me as I try to delve into the Turkey’s many foodie delights whilst trying to fathom the many ingredients and produce available here.
I’m not a chef or a nutrition expert I’m a wife and mother who lives in Turkey with a desire to unearth authentic and traditional recipes alongside modern additions and adaptations. I have a love of cooking and the roots of Turkish cuisine and find pleasure in sharing not only food but recipes.
Generation after generation of cooking have passed but the Turks today still hold their food, recipes and eating habits as almost sacred and the sofra (The act of preparing, setting and eating at the table) is highly respected.
I hope that you too may enjoy my discoveries and cooking and that you may yourself may be inspired to try something new or find a dish you’ve been searching for since you last ate out / holidayed in Turkey.

When you think of Turkish cooking what comes to mind Kebabs, fresh fruit & vegetables – yoghurt with meat?

Turkish food is awash with a great variety of meals, ingredients and techniques – there’s both exotic and mundane.

But it’s also simple and honest – it doesn’t claim to have the diversity of Indian cuisine, the artistic flare of Japanese food preparation or the influence of traditional French gastronomy.

With so many regional specialties and twists many of the recipes are unknown to foreigners and even to many Turks themselves.

I started battling Turkish cooking when I first moved here 5 years ago, blessed with a keen cook as a Mother-in-law, and a new family of food lovers. As I discovered more recipes I realised how interested I was in the history, cultural / social uses and regional differences in the dishes.

However it wasn’t until my little one started weaning that I became aware of how many of the same dishes I was making over and over again. As I looked for new tastes and dishes the little spark of interest started to reignite and I found myself once again longing for that little exploration behind the dishes and the ingredients and techniques involved in them.

And so the concept of this page was born. A chronicle if you like of what I hope will be a journey of discoveries of the tastes, regions, customs, and history of Turkish cuisine. I don’t know how it will unravel or where it will take me but I do hope you’ll join me and maybe even make discoveries for yourself too.


Exploring The Turkish Kitchen 

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Exploring The Turkish kitchen takes readers on a journey through taste and history of Turkish food by sharing recipes that were homegrown and influenced by immigration and travel. 

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Delving into Turkey’s culinary delights from the expat perspective Exploring the Turkish Kitchen is a blog written by Christa, born in Wales – but who now lives in the town of Efeler in Aydın with her Turkish husband. Christa’s beautiful blog has a plethora of wonderful recipes, personal accounts of her expat life and connection with Turkish food and stunning photography.


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Huge fan of this wonderful resource of fans of cooking and cookbooks. 




Member since Jan 2009. Bookshelf dedicated to Exploring The Turkish Kitchen. 


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Expat Sofra: Culinary Tales of Foreign Women in Turkey
it was amazing
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Some tales I love more than others, some touched my heart, and some rang so true they could have come from my own experiences. The recipes, although I have no made any look simple and therefore easy to f...
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Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul
it was amazing
The book that makes me hungry!!!! I love looking through this book; it's a delightful feast for the eyes. The Turkish recipes are so wonderfully authentic; it makes me want to invite Rick to my own dinner table and have him critique ...
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The Forty Rules of Love
it was amazing
Absolutely loved this book … by far the best Safak I've read!!! Doubly enjoyable as I've just returned from mystical Konya! 5 stars for loved loved loved it!
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